The Simon Page College of Marketing Masterclass is a free event that is held every month. The aim of the Masterclass is to allow industry leaders to share their expertise in an interactive forum. It offers a great networking platform and infinite opportunities to stay ahead of the curve.

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Thrity Engineer, a Certified Executive Coach and a professional marketer wants to help you stand out. Marketing as a profession requires that you work on yourself as a brand. Leaders in such field shave one thing in common, they stand out.

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This month we are honored to host Bonny, as he is fondly referred to. He is a guru when it comes to things Finance and Accounting. But above that, he is passionate about Digital Marketing.

Having harnessed his Digital skills for years, he comes to us on Wednesday, 30th May to speak on “Marketing Analytics in a Digital Market.”

He shall answer questions like; how do we measure the digital marketing initiatives, how to ensure optimum results in customer acquisition, conversion and retention through the use of digital marketing.

Make a date with us and bring a friend or colleague.

8th Floor KeMU Towers, university way/Utalii lane from 6pm.

Watch the video to get a better understanding on what to expect from the talk.

Entry is free and refreshments shall be provided.

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Is it true that the Millennials want it all and they want it fast?
Indeed! The Millennial wants the paycheck, the purpose in their everyday job, the work-life balance with a get rich quick offer, without leaving out the fun things of life! .

Of course getting quickly to the top of the career ladder is of priority for the Millenial, and undoubtedly, if your company is not giving them these things, then indeed they will move on to another that will!

Have a clear sense of purpose, and a clear- cut career ladder to allure the ambitious millennial! When the path to the top is too entangled or non-existent, then the job just became less appealing to the Millennial! Join us for this exciting topic on “Managing and Understanding Millennials” with Barbra Mkala.

With over 15 years of Brand Marketing ,Sales & Commercial experience , Barbra Mkala is a seasoned Marketing consultant , who has headed the Marketing and sales departments in multinationals such as KBC, Media Max, amongst others.

Barbra is currently a Board member at Tumaini kwa watoto and the General Manager at Baraka FM a regional urban radio.
Having garnered numerous Sales and Marketing awards, Barbra possesses under her belt a B.Com and PGD-Marketing, an MBA and CIM (K)

A topic not to be missed!

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Join us as we engage with an extremely accomplished Trainer and Speaker. He is Professor Robert E. Hinson.

Professor Hinson has spoken to working professionals the world over on topics as diverse as  Corporate Relations, Quality Management and Service Delivery, Customer Care and Service Delivery, Communication and Customer Relations, Customer Care Essentials, Winning with Customer Service, The Importance of Service Quality in Banking, Diagnosing and Planning for Change, The Right Attitude for Relationship Officers, Understanding a Service Orientation, Presentation  Skills,  Attitude  Training,  Corporate  Branding,  Services  Marketing,  The  7  Point  Customer  is  King  Plan,  20  Laws  of  Customer Focused  Marketing, Service  and  Relational  Strategies  for Corporate Productivity, Achieving a Service marketing orientation, Service  Excellence, Salesmanship Techniques & Time Management, Walking Tall with a strong personal brand, Developing Killer Sales Instincts, Managing Good and  Bad  Customers,  Making  Great  Service,  etc.

Professor Hinson holds two doctorates, Bachelors  and  MBA  degrees  in  Marketing  from  the  University  of  Ghana  and  a  Post-Graduate  Diploma  in  Marketing  from  the  Chartered Institute  of  Marketing (CIM),  UK.

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This month, our guest speaker is Mr. James Ngomeli, speaking on Understanding Office Politics.

Office Politics; no one likes it, others cringe at the thought of it. The reality is that companies are by nature political organizations, joining it is a political act, you must influence people all the time. It means if you want to survive and thrive at the workplace you can’t just sit on the sidelines. If you want to make an impact, like it or not you must be a player in the game. It doesn’t mean playing dirty but you must figure out how to influence those around you.

James has vast experience in leading over a 12,000 strong workforce organization (Kenya Power) through one of the largest change programs in Africa. This gave him a lot of insight in the complex process of change management. This coupled with his experience as a skillful marketer on brand development and consumer behavior was key in the success of the change program.

James is currently a Change management consultant, the Chief Energizing Officer at Brands and Beyond Ltd an Energy consultancy firm, Publisher of the ‘Watts Up’ Energy Magazine, Author of first fiction Children Book on electricity “Stima Series”, Chair of Chartered Institute of Marketing East Africa and Certified Pension Fund Trustee.

Do you work with a consultant with the aim of growing your business or company? Do you wonder how much it would cost you to hire their services?

Well, you are invited to the Marketing Masterclass where you get to meet that expert and ask all the questions you have.

This June, we are privileged to host Ms. Carole Kimutai. Carole is a Partner in the Digital Division at Brand Integrated Consulting, a strategic brand and business advisory firm with footprints across Africa. She is also the Project Coordinator of the Kenya Business Guide (KBG), an online guide that provides resources needed for setting up a business in Kenya.

Carole has extensive knowledge in digital communication marketing having been the founding Managing Editor of Kenya’s #1 viral news website that disrupted the media landscape and introduced innovative digital tools in the market. She has also worked at the Kenya Institute of Management as head of publishing.

As an industry expert, Carole will shed light on different issues right from branding basics to the proper use of online marketing activities.

This is a forum you cannot afford to miss.

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This month, we are honoured to host Ms. Heldah Wakhungu, Head of Consumer Planning & Research at EABL.

Join her as she speaks on how consumer insights can help you build great brands and how to sustain those brands into the future. In her own words, “To come up with great brand strategies, you need consumer insights”.

In the upcoming Masterclass, come and get an understanding on why products that we held dear in years past no longer exist or are not held in much regard any more. What is the role of consumer insights in providing products and service that connect with consumers on an emotional level?

Heldah’s career spans over 20 years specializing in insights generation and application with a brief stint in brand management. At KBL, she is responsible for ensuring consumer insights inspire big ideas that drive growth.

The next Masterclass is scheduled for Thursday, June 22nd where our speaker will be Ms Carole Kimutai is a Partner, Digital Division at Brand Integrated Consulting. See you there.

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The Simon Page College of Marketing, Free monthly Marketing Masterclass is here again. The aim of the Masterclass is to allow industry leaders to share their expertise in an interactive forum.
This month we are delighted to host an industry expert in the B2B sector.

Andrew Mutuma, the former CIM – Kenya Chairman has over 14 years of experience in various industries, including international logistics, telecommunications and banking. Andrew is currently the Managing Director, DHL Express Kenya.
He joins us to share wisdom nuggets on how to excel in a B2B Organisation.
Refreshments and Networking all in one place

Invite a friend or colleague to this informative forum on 28th September 2017 at Simon Page College, Westlands

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Moses Kemibaro is the Founder of Dotsavvy, one of Kenya’s first Digital Agencies established in 2002. He also serves as the East Africa Commercial Manager for the Perform Group, the world’s leading digital sports media group behind well-known digital brands such as, the top online destination for football with close to 70 million monthly users globally, and close to 2 million in Kenya.

In 2012 he was the Africa Sales Director at InMobi, one of the world’s leading mobile ad networks where he led sales in Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria and Ghana. Between 2010 and 2012, Moses was the Founding Regional Manager at Dealfish East Africa (now known as OLX Kenya) which he grew from scratch to become the leading online classifieds platform on mobile and desktop in Kenya and Uganda.

Moses is also an award-winning and often quoted TechBlogger at where he rants and raves about all things digital in Kenya and Africa. He is an avid and long suffering supporter of Arsenal football club and fanatically follows Formula One racing. He is also a self-confessed technology and Internet addict in all their myriad forms.

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